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Winston Peters (August 2022)


Winston Peters ‘Democracy Not Co-Governance’

On Sunday 21st August 2022, New Zealand First leader Rt Hon Winston Peters delivered his ‘Democracy not Co-Governance’ speech at the Warkworth town hall.

Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First. Former NZ Deputy PM, Foreign Minister, Treasurer 

The Rt Hon Winston Peters is the leader of the New Zealand First Party and  entered parliament in 1978 and has been a prominent figure in New Zealand politics for the past forty years. He has held several ministerial portfolios including Minister of Maori Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Treasurer, and of course Deputy Prime Minister.

As the leader of New Zealand First he has formed three different governments spanning three different decades and involving three different Prime Ministers.  He has a breadth of knowledge and experience that very few, if any, other New Zealand Politicians could have. 

To read the full speech transcript, click here.

Winston Peters
MC Tavake Barron Afeaki

Tavake has been a lawyer for 30 years, mediator for 25 years and Barrister for 20 years. He advocates for ‘underdogs’, justice and fairness. He serves individuals, families, trusts, churches, companies, & communities in civil, constitutional, commercial arenas in NZ & the Kingdom of Tonga.

Tavake represented Auckland in age-grade rugby, and Tonga at 2 Karate World Tournaments. In Tonga, he is a Law Lord of the Judicial Committee of the King’s Privy Council and chairs the Judicial Appointments Panel. He was recently Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Tonga for 4 months.

He served on a School Board for 18 years & enjoyed Sea Scouts with his tamariki. As a family and community leader, Tavake sees a duty to access good systems to shared prosperity. He supports a goal of families being able to support each other, without undue burden.

His vision is “empowering people with law and systems to enhance achievement”. He is a bestselling author with his 2015 book, “Visions of Success”.

Tavake’s passion is cross-cultural communication and bridging cultural divides. He acknowledges how increasingly intrusive global influences effect rapid change with intensified competition; all of which demand good, principled, local leadership.

When he is not out saving the world, Tavake and better-half Hine can be found reading, writing, singing, dancing, training karate, travelling & goofing off with their four wonderful kids.

Winston Peters

MC Tavake Barron Afeaki