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Education or Indoctrination?

Education or Indoctrination?

Video part one – Introduction by Teresa Gibson, MC Mark Perratt and first speaker Jacquie Johnson

Video part two – Alwyn Poole

Video part three – Prof. Elizabeth Rata

Video part four – Q & A

Panel discussion with Jacquie Johnson, Alwyn Poole and Prof. Elizabeth Rata, MC Mark Perratt

Alwyn Poole

Alwyn founded and was the Principal of Mt Hobson Middle School and the Villa NCEA Academy in Newmarket, Auckland for the first 18 years. Now Mt Hobson Academy it is a private school with a Y7-10 group and then a Year 11-13 superb NCEA programme. In 2022 we have launched a nationwide Year 1 – 13 school through this mechanism

In 2018 co-founded Innovative Education Consultants (IEC) to share the uniquely written Project Based Curriculum and other aspects of our model and how to arrange resourcing.

Former Board member of the Villa Education Trust that has successfully established two of New Zealand’s Partnership Schools – South Auckland Middle School ( and Middle School West Auckland ( Both schools are based on the MHMS model with a 15:1 student teacher ratio, split-day (Academic Morning and Arts/Activity Based afternoon), 60 student “Villas” and other aspects that simply make them work for young people! These schools are now working superbly as Designated Character Schools in the State system.

Doing significant system wide research into the NZ education system and constantly agitating for improvement.

Jacquie Johnson

Until recent retirement Jacquie was a secondary school teacher of French of 43 years. She has lived through all the changes that have taken place in the NZ education system over that time and taught in a wide spectrum of schools: state and private, Decile 3 to Decile 10, single sex and coeducational, secular and religious. She will talk about the coal face impact of Ministry of Education policy changes and how a concerning ‘slide’ in standards is impacting upon NZ students, schools and our society.

Title of presentation: ‘From Stars to Paperclips’

Mark Perratt

Mark and his family are products of the New Zealand state school and university system.  While raising their two children, he served as a trustee on the board of a Decile 3 full primary state school.

With a Bachelor of Commerce from Auckland University, Mark started his career as a Group Management Accountant in gold-mining.  Being more interested in the IT industry, meant that in 1989 he joined Oracle NZ limited as a Financial Consultant.

In 1995, he shifted to the Asia Pacific Division and managed the “Internal IT” for Oracle working out of Singapore for three years with responsibility for 17 countries.   He returned to New Zealand in 2000,  joining Cap Gemini Ernst & Young as Director of their Oracle Service line.

In 2002, he took up the role of Shared Services Transition Manger for the fledging Health Alliance New Zealand Ltd. Then, in 2003 Mark left to start his own IT Company called Tanglin Consultancy which specializes in IT strategy, architecture, governance and management.

Professor Elizabeth Rata is a sociologist of education in the School of Critical Studies, Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Auckland where she is Director of the Knowledge in Education Research Unit (KERU). Her main research areas are in knowledge in the curriculum, knowledge politics, ethnic revivalism, Māori education, research methods, and the history of New Zealand education.

Professor Elizabeth Rata